I am well aware that a lot of people, health professionals included, that I follow on social media do not agree with people sharing their version of “what I eat in a day” or “my day on a plate,” and I respect their decision. Nonetheless I am sharing mine, however, please bear in mind that this is in no way a recommendation for any individual, we are all very different and have our individualised needs. What I do hope this may bring about is inspiration and ideas for delicious, healthy and wholesome meals throughout your days. No day for me is EVER the same with what I eat, so I am going to share a few variations of what my days might look like.

upon waking – upon waking every day I will have one or two large glasses of water, sometimes warm with lemon. For me, drinking water first thing on an empty stomach is an important ritual as it hydrates the body and helps to urge movements in the bowel.

breakfast – I will eat breakfast when I feel hungry, sometimes this is first thing in the morning around 7am and sometimes it’s not until 10am. It is important to listen to your own hunger cues and eat when you feel hungry. My breakfast varies every single day but some of my favourites include a smoothie, which consists of: frozen berries, banana, avocado, a handful of nuts, coconut yoghurt, honey and any nut milk, another breakfast I have been enjoying lately is oats, cooked as per the instructions, topped with yoghurt, granola, maple syrup and some sort of fruit. If I have the time and am feeling like something savoury, scrambled eggs are my go to, topped with wilted spinach, mushrooms, goats cheese and avocado on rye sourdough. Lastly, if I am lacking time I will have almond butter on sourdough, a delicious, nutritious and satisfying meal that requires very little effort.

mid-morning snack – again this meal can vary, if I’m baking something at home such as banana bread, muffins or a slice I will have one of these, see the recipes on my websites for inspiration. If I’m not baking, I will have some almonds and some seasonal fruit. Other snacks I love are avocado and goats cheese on corn thins or a few slices of cheese with nuts and green apple. Around this time on most days I will usually have some herbal tea too.

lunch – if breakfast has been a smoothie or oats, I will opt for a savoury lunch such as a garden salad with spelt pasta and either haloumi or tofu (crispy) on top. A favourite lunch time meal of mine lately is Dahl, I make this a lot for dinner and it is even better the next day for lunch. I serve it with brown rice or quinoa, quinoa is my most favourable option as it contains more protein, quinoa is one of the very few plant foods that has sufficient amounts of all nine essential amino acids. Eggs (scrambled or boiled) and avocado on sourdough is another favourite if I have had a sweeter breakfast. Roast seasonal veggie bowls with quinoa and chicken or haloumi. And, if breakfast has been something savoury such as eggs, I like to have oats as per my breakfast above or a smoothie as above.

afternoon snack – this depends on what I have had earlier in the day, sometimes I will have brown rice crackers, hummus and cheese. Other days I will have a smoothie if I am feeling a bit hungrier. Yoghurt (greek or coconut) and granola is something I have regularly. Sometimes just a piece of fruit will do me – usually a banana. If I am craving something sweet, I will have a date or two stuffed with almond butter (amazing!)

dinner – my favourite meal and the one that is probably the most consistent. Lately I have been loving roasted seasonal vegetables with rice or quinoa and grilled haloumi on top. Curries, I LOVE curries and need to put some recipes on my website for you. Pasta dishes – I love pasta and there are some great versions out there now if you’re not so keen on wheat pasta, my favourites are spelt and brown rice pasta. Soup with sourdough, vegetarian pho and dhal in the winter are weekly meals in our home, and in summer salad and some sort of protein, usually chicken (just a personal preference). Tacos and vegetarian enchiladas, recipes for both of these are on my website.

dessert – yes, most nights I have dessert, sometimes this might be a sweet treat I have baked or a fruit salad, and I certainly won’t deny that I love chocolate, dairy milk chocolate and I enjoy it weekly. I know the consequences of food restriction and ever since I let go of food restriction and allowed myself to enjoy the things I love, I have never felt healthier. I no longer binge, and I enjoy foods that I love and are indulgent in moderation. I truly believe that it is innately built into us to want what we tell ourselves we cannot have. Allow yourself the freedom to eat what you want when you want, listen to your hunger cues and eat to feel good.

I love herbal teas and I usually drink around 4 a day – my favourites at the moment are peppermint, liquorice and chamomile. I usually save the chamomile for the evening though as it is said to assist in regulating sleep, whether this is just a placebo effect, on me it works wonders. Chamomile is also a natural laxative so can assist in bowel movements the following morning. I also swear by this and I have two teabags as I don’t find one quite strong enough.

Note – on the weekends what I eat varies even more, sometimes I will eat out, I love pizza, a good burger and Thai food. I love croissants and pastries and enjoy all of these in moderation alongside wholesome delicious foods.

I hope this has given you some inspiration x