Why your GIT is so important

The GIT (gastrointestinal tract) spanning from the mouth to the colon is one of the most important organs of the body. Here are a few reasons why; 80% of the immune system lies within the GIT, therefore an unhealthy GIT can have a huge impact on the immune system, how often one gets sick and […]

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Food and nutrients to support healthy skin

Dietary interventions have traditionally been an under appreciated feature of skin therapy. However, recent research has discovered a significant link between diet and several skin conditions such as acne, aging, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. Diet alone is not the only culprit for skin conditions, stress, genetics, autoimmune diseases, the sun and pregnancy can also contribute […]

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My day on a plate

I am well aware that a lot of people, health professionals included, that I follow on social media do not agree with people sharing their version of “what I eat in a day” or “my day on a plate,” and I respect their decision. Nonetheless I am sharing mine, however, please bear in mind that […]

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